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Thoroughly recommended!!

Sally has the patience of a saint especially with a beginner like me, She is so enthusiastic and willing to tailor your learning to the music you like but she has clear end goals in sight and a thorough idea about what great teaching is all about. I have tried a few guitar teachers but none come close to Sally in the way she teaches and how encouraging she is. If you are in the area and looking for a teacher do not hesitate to contact Goddard music and no, I not paid for this review, I just feel strongly that Sally is that good.


Benjamin C

Excellent teacher

I have been having lessons with Sally for a year and a half now. Sally is a fantastic teacher. I had played guitar for around 7 years (self taught) and enjoy singing and songwriting. I have even played live at many an open mic but I was stuck in a rut feeling like my guitaring was not improving and lost confidence playing live. So I decided it was time to take up some lessons.

I am so glad I came across Sally, she thoroughly explains everything and encourages you to keep at it when your struggling to get that strum or pick right. I have learnt loads and am enjoying playing again.

Jennie K

Been going to Goddard Music Tuition for 3 and a half years .From scratch i have learn't so much.In that time i have learn't to play many genres of music from Rock to folk to classical and spanish on the guitar .I would thoroughly recommend Goddard Music Tuition to anyone and a big thank you to them for opening up a whole new world of music for me and all the great tuition you have given me .


Larry P

Excellent teacher

I started learning the guitar early this year and it has been an amazing experience. Sally is an excellent teacher, she thoroughly explains everything and gives me a lot of encouragement. I'm amazed how much I have learnt and am looking forward to progressing further.

Hardish M

Complete Beginner

I've been seeing Sally for nearly a year now and started guitar lessons as a complete music beginner.
Sally has helped me continuously progress in a structured way, ensuring that there is a sufficient challenge to enable progression without being discouraging and beyond my abilities. She always checks that the pieces we are learning are to my taste.
Sally is friendly, assertive and clearly loves teaching guitar!

Robert K

Relaxed and encouraging teacher

Sally is a great teacher. Patient and encouraging. I've been playing guitar for around 20 years without making any real effort to focus on theory or technique.

I've been learning with Sally for about a year now. Lessons are relaxed and each different technique is broken down into easy-to-grasp sessions that are built up at a pace suited to my ability in each area. If I'm not getting something Sally will break it down into basics and build from there. My lead guitar and scales have come on massively in the past year and I'm really pleased I've come back to structured lessons!

Mark A

started guitar lessons with Sally only quite recently, and she is a fantastic teacher, I really enjoy her lessons and I have learnt loads from her in the short time I have been there. Highly recommended.

Les H

Sally is a first class guitar teacher. Her music room is light, comfortable and welcoming.
Her lessons are structured and focused but she is also flexible in her approach to be able to adapt to individual requirements or requests.
I am making good steady progress since joining Sally considering that being in work I spend comparatively little time practicing.
I would recommend Sally unreservedly.
Thank you Sally

Robert L

Very very good.

Lee M